Four Leaf Equestrian

Owned and run by the Beiter Family based out of College Station, Texas.

About Sam

Sam Beiter is a 23 year old amateur and found her love for horses at the age of 10. She shows in the hunters, jumpers and dabbles in the adult equitation. Currently she has five horses, Happy a 9 year-old jumper, Ragnar a 6 yr old recent import, Tina her old jr hunter who is now 22 and dabbles in the walk trot with Debbie Beiter, Triumph aka Lumpy her derby/amateur owner hunter, who is leased and Duke who is also leased.Sam travels all across the country to go to shows. She does everything herself from shipping, clipping and everything in between!

Stella 2017-2022 ❤️

Stella was the absolute best! She loved all the horses and came to the barn every day to supervise all activities. Her absolute favorite thing to do was to go to all the horse shows! She would go up to everyone and hang out back at the barn to greet all of the people that may pass by our setup!

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